Tackling procrastination

One hour and forty-eight minutes. Last time I checked that was the average time I spent a day on Instagram in the past week. I knew I had wasted time absentmindedly scrolling through the Instagram explore page, a quicksand pit that has consistently swallowed up my time, but seeing the actual number with a graph to back it up was a humiliating wake up call.

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Songs of October 2018

Below are the songs I played on repeat this October with two words to sum it up.

“The Only Exception” by Paramore: sad love

“Land of the Living” by Roo Panes: happy nostalgia

“Scare Away The Dark” by Passenger: optimistic anthem

“Dearly Departed” by Shakey Graves: alternative bop

“Hero” by Family of the Year: simple & sweet

“Don’t Settle” by Ben Kyle: soft & sad

“Oh My God” by Ida Maria: screaming emo

“Magic in the Hamptons” by Social House: pool party

“when the party’s over” by Billie Eilish: black tears

I also found a Youtube live that is always playing relaxing study music without lyrics. Here is the link to that.