Senior prank sparks police involvement

Originally published May 23, 2019 in collaboration with Alex Carlon and Marta Leira on West Side Story.

At approximately 1:15 p.m., three WSS staffers saw the decorated vehicle driving north on 1st Ave near Brown Deer Golf Course. The staffers turned around and proceeded to follow the car towards Liberty High. By the time the staffers arrived at the high school, the vehicle had been pulled over in the parking lot by a North Liberty police car. 

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Amplifying the voices of a nation

Originally published on West Side Story on April 25, 2019.

A phone in one hand, a mic in the other, Prisca Namutchibwe ’19 took the stage at Walk it Out. The night of March 9 had consisted of students from various cultures of the world modeling on stage and dancing to music, but the crowd fell silent as Namutchibwe read her poem, addressed to the white parents in America. In her piece, Namutchibwe urged them to teach their children about Africa and its culture. She explained how she learned about culture in America before culture from Africa, where she was born.

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