Pakistan to the USA: the journey to paraeducation

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Following the death of her parents, Samina Naz was devastated. Her mother passed in 1998 and two years later, her father died of a heart attack. The loss brought her from Pakistan, her home at the time, to the United States, where she became a paraeducator in the special education department.

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West Side Radio: How well do you know ‘The Office?’

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Lots of people have seen the NBC mockumentary “The Office.” In this episode of the West Side Radio, Makenna Hendrickson ’19 joins hosts Jessica Doyle, Natalie Dunlap and Sophie Stephens to put their paper company knowledge to the test. Listen to the podcast below to find out if you’re an “Office” expert.\

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Prioritizing your passion

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When she was four, Annie Chen ’18’s mother taught her how to play the piano. When she was five, Chen picked up the violin. As a freshman, she performed at All-State with her brother. Chen’s music career began years before grade school, and if she has her way, it will continue past it.

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