Handling life

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Hundreds of dogs yelp and run around the concrete building. Every single bark echoes throughout the whole of the room. Along with animals, a few spectators and owners crowd around the performance area watching the dogs prance around the ring. As a young child competing in her very first dog show, this was a new experience. Today it is a common scene for Renee Gould ’22.

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Freshmen vs. the freeze

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In August, the West High courtyard is a sanctuary for students to take a break during lunch time, escaping classrooms that either have swampy humidity or frigid air conditioning to bask in sunlight and enjoy what remains of summer weather. When the fall winds begin to blow,  most students retreat inside, leaving the courtyard nearly empty by the end of October.

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Pakistan to the USA: the journey to paraeducation

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Following the death of her parents, Samina Naz was devastated. Her mother passed in 1998 and two years later, her father died of a heart attack. The loss brought her from Pakistan, her home at the time, to the United States, where she became a paraeducator in the special education department.

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