Tackling procrastination

One hour and forty-eight minutes. Last time I checked that was the average time I spent a day on Instagram in the past week. I knew I had wasted time absentmindedly scrolling through the Instagram explore page, a quicksand pit that has consistently swallowed up my time, but seeing the actual number with a graph toContinue reading “Tackling procrastination”

West Side Radio: How well do you know ‘The Office?’

View the original West Side Story post here. Lots of people have seen the NBC mockumentary “The Office.” In this episode of the West Side Radio, Makenna Hendrickson ’19 joins hosts Jessica Doyle, Natalie Dunlap and Sophie Stephens to put their paper company knowledge to the test. Listen to the podcast below to find outContinue reading “West Side Radio: How well do you know ‘The Office?’”