West High Wrap: Harvey Weinstein, boys basketball and coronavirus

Sumner Wallace ’20 and Natalie Dunlap ’20 talk about the latest news locally and world-wide. Most of the news relates to COVID-19, which has started affecting the West High community and Iowa in big ways.

Overcrowding in classes blooms opportunity for new teacher

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While August is usually the time for students to meet new teachers, get acquainted with classmates and fall into a rhythm with their subjects, a group of American studies and success center kids got a change of pace when they were switched to a new teacher part-way through the second trimester. Andrew Bloom joined West in January. He was hired to ease overcrowding in classes. 

West staffs classes based on the registration form students fill out around January. This year, however, there was an unprecedented amount of new student registrations that occured in the summer. This resulted in unexpectedly large class sizes. 

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Iowa City seeks input on Creekside art installation

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Backyard Abundance — an environmental education nonprofit based in Johnson County — and Marion artist Cara Briggs Farmer combined skills to remodel Chadek Green Park in 2018: the nonprofit designed a community garden, and Briggs Farmer created the “Three Sisters” art installation to complement it. 

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University of Iowa announcement sparks concern in district

Published on March 11, on wsspaper.com.

Today the University of Iowa, located less than five miles from West, announced they would be moving their classes online for at least two weeks beginning on March 23. Iowa is among many colleges that have made the online switch in response to the coronavirus. The University is joined by Iowa’s other public colleges, Iowa State and University of Northern Iowa, in suspending in person classes for the two weeks following spring break. Grinnell College, a private institution in Iowa, took further action on Tuesday when administration announced students would be required to leave campus by March 23 and finish the remainder of the semester online. 

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The best part of my week

On March 4 I found out I was picked as Iowa’s Journalist of the Year and that I received a scholarship to work at The Daily Iowan. I sent this good news to “It’s Been a Minute” and I got to hear my voice on one of my favorite podcasts.

West High Wrap: Dems drop out and AFT change

Originally published on wsspaper.com

In the first West High Wrap episode of trimester three, Natalie Dunlap ’20 and Sumner Wallace ’20 discuss the Democratic candidates, Academic Focus Time and celebrity’s children.

The Coralville Community Food Pantry is now collecting pet food

Originally published on the Little Village website.

For the last 10 years, the shelves of the Coralville Community Food Pantry have consistently been stocked with beans, rice, pasta, bread, dairy products, canned food and fresh produce for low-income residents of Coralville and, more recently, Tiffin. 

In 2020, the pantry has designated some shelf space for kibble.

Pantry organizers have long noticed a demand for pet food, but it was rarely donated. On Feb. 4, the nonprofit opened its “Pet Food Pantry” with a $1,200 grant they received from the Friends of the Animal Center Foundation (FACF).

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