Black History Game Show club prepares for Des Moines competition

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Who earned the nickname Moses? What modern civil rights movement started in 2012? When did the emancipation proclamation go into effect? These are a few of the questions participants of the club Black History Game Show are preparing to answer. (The answers, in case you were wondering: Harriet Tubman, Black Lives Matter and Jan. 1, 1863).

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West High Supply preps for grand re-opening

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In the last several months, a fairly unknown resource in the school has been rebranding, reorganizing and preparing for a re-opening.

West High Supply, formerly known at The Welcome Center, is located in room 147, right next to guidance. There, students can find winter gear, school supplies, personal hygiene products and food. Now organized with shelves, special education educator Omega Dancel and student and family advocate Jamie Schneider are proud of the progress they have made working on the center.

“It’s kind of been two or three different things in different areas of the building over the past few school years. And this is really the first time it’s had a home and has a new name. It’s really what we … had envisioned it to be,” said Schneider.

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WSS staffer tries 10 x 10 challenge

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It feels like American shopping habits are driven by wants and style instead of needs and function; there’s no time like the holidays to give and receive things we might not use or even want. Many of us gathered around with family and friends over winter break, unwrapped some single-use wrapping paper and opened a present that might sit in the back of your closet for months unused. It’s sometimes feels like the most wasteful time of the year, so I decided to spend the two school weeks before winter break focusing on what I already have.

What is the 10×10 challenge?

The 10 x 10 challenge was created by Lee Vosburgh, creator of the blog Style Bee, with the intention of getting more creative with her clothing. The exercise consists of choosing 10 items of clothes you already own and creating 10 unique outfits for 10 days. The “rules” (which Vosburgh says can bend to fit your schedule) say tops, sweaters, pants, dresses, shoes and coats all count as part of your capsule wardrobe. However, you can add and change out other items in your outfit from day-to-day, including hats, bags, scarves, gloves and jewelry.

 Video by Jillian Prescott

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The financial factor

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How much does it really cost to have a quality education at a public high school? Looking at the sticker price, nothing. Yet this year, according to USA Today, the average family spent $1223 on just basic school supplies alone. Add in registration fees, extracurricular costs and lunch money, and the price goes through the roof. Contrary to its founding principal, receiving a public education in 2019 is expensive, and for students living in low income households, this cost can be detrimental to their quest for a good education.

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